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Welcome to Better Mind Therapy

Better mind therapy values the unique you and works with you in a humanistic frame of respect and valuing. We are all human after all and life can be tough. You are one of a kind despite the similarity in emotional distress or mental health conditions faced therefore we find the way that suits you best. Better Mind Therapy will work with you as an equal team member to enhance your resources and strengths as well as directly tackling the psychological distress, difficulties or deficits you may be facing. For more information on specific conditions see about. Various therapies and ways of working are available to help us do this, including ACT, CBT and PCC. Lots of letters ! See below for their full name.

Therapy offered is currently online or face-to-face. Therapy may be offered in person in Stirling, depending on current Coronvirus restrictions

Please fill out the contact form in the left margin if you would like to make any enquires or book an initial session.



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